Long Island Escorts

Thought I’d post this for you from a well-known sports blog today. Sounds like the writer could be someone who watches football at the same place you do, according to some of your earlier posts. Could you be the Seahawks fan?

Example 1
There’s a regular at the sports bar I frequent, a really cute girl who wears a McNabb jersey every week. She has a delightful habit of turning around on her bar stool every few minutes and flashing a friendly — yet somewhat flirtatious — smile. It is a terrific part of my Sunday.

But that fucks my entire football process up. Ah crap, why’d I dress like such a slob today? Oh right, ’cause I’m watching football. Right. Football… Man I’m hungry. Time for some wings — crap! I don’t want wing sauce on my face when McNabb looks at me! That’ll totally mess up my game!

Please, somebody, tell me I’m not alone in this regard. Long island escorts.

Example 2
Another regular at the aforementioned bar: a female Seahawks fan who I’ve kind of struck a rapport with. She’s cute and friendly. I like her. And it is the most unnatural thing in the world to high-five her after a touchdown.