Hero Subs Construction Tips

How Do You Construct Hero’s Subs? – Here Is One Way I Would Do It

What kind of meat do you want on your hero? These types of sandwiches are so delicious, and they represent a meal that you don’t have to cook. If you have all the ingredients or toppings you want, all you have to do is asseble your hero. Just be careful looking up recipes because you might find out that a trip to the store is in the cards after all. You will run into all kinds of ideas for ingredients when searching the web and looking to make the best hero’s subs.

While putting together hero’s subs seems like a rather simple process, people are passionate about their sandwiches. You may be passionate about your hero that you want to eat, too. Food is delicious. This sandwich is going to be delicious, and you want to build it from the bottom up. Start with the bread.

Here is my idea of a delicious hero. You have your bread, and I like bread with cheese baked into the crust and perhaps some Italian herbs and spices. Let’s put both American and Provolone cheese on the sandwich. Grab some turkey, ham and roast beef. But wait, what about the sauces? Slather that honey mustard on there. In the end, I would put salt and pepper and vinegar and oil on the sandiwch as well, but all of that goes on the toppings.

Now, I forgot to mention one meat that would really make this an even more delicious sandiwch, hard salami. Hard salami is so good, and along with the Provolone cheese, it gives my hero an Italian twist. I’m a vegetarian now, but just roll with me here. I am still a foodie, would just leave off the meat and still love to make dishes and sandwiches containing meat for other people.

Now we are to the toppings. You certainly need your lettuce and tomato. How about some bread and butter pickles, but thinly sliced so they aren’t so large and overpowering. Then let’s sprinkle some purple or red onion, green onion, diced not sliced olives and banana peppers. Did you think I was done with the cheese? Oh no, sprinkle on the feta cheese.

Now you have a hero sandwich. It contains four meats, three cheeses, delicious toppings and of course the best sauce, honey mustard. In all seriousness, there are other ways I would construct the perfect hero as well, but that’s one of them. I love food, period. Don’t you stop by Top Lewiston Maine restaurants  Hero’s Sub